Easy and inexpensive will writing service in Urmston, Stretford and Sale

Over two-thirds of the UK adult population have still to make a will that will provide certainty and security for their loved ones. At My Law Matters, we aim to make writing wills easy and inexpensive so that fewer families need to deal with the unnecessary stress caused by an unresolved estate.

Why wills are important

Will is one of the most important documents you would write. It helps alleviates a lot of the undue stress and worry for your loved ones in providing clear instructions for the administration and distribution of your estate. By writing a will, you ensure:

  • Your beneficiaries won’t be burdened with an expensive tax bill
  • Unmarried partners will receive their portion of your assets, including the home you share
  • Choose the right guardians for minor children
  • Your pets are looked after once you are gone
  • You choose to who and how your estate and any businesses are distributed
  • Any dependents that require ongoing financial assistance for long-term care will be provided for

Lasting Power of Attorney explained

Life is unpredictable, especially in today’s time. Should you or any of your family members be afflicted by an injury or illness that restricts your mental faculties, a Lasting Power of Attorney document will provide your loved ones with the legal framework to:

  • Make legal decisions for you
  • Be permitted to access sole and joint bank accounts
  • Sell a property and pay bills on your behalf
  • Make judgements concerning medical treatments and welfare issues like housing arrangements

The guidance of an experienced solicitor

My Law Matters can assist you with planning for your future by writing a will and drawing up a legal Lasting Power of Attorney document. We always serve the client’s best interests and provide a friendly and professional service. Contact us today if you live in Urmston, Stretford or Sale and require advice on will writing or Lasting Power of Attorney.