Simple and affordable will writing service in Waltham Cross

Wills and Power of Attorney Solicitors in Waltham Cross

Over sixty per cent of UK adults have yet to make provisions in wills for their loved ones in the event of their death resulting in two-thirds of families in a state of uncertainty and grief. At My Law Matters, our knowledgeable solicitors have devised a short and simple will writing service to encourage more people to ensure the futures of their loved ones are secure should an untimely death occur.

Why writing a will matters

Wills are essential for all manner of reasons, but none more important than securing your family’s immediate financial concerns. By having a will you:

  • Plan for tax liabilities
  • Ensure unmarried partners receive monetary payment and keep the shared home
  • Estates and businesses can be allocated to people you choose
  • You determine guardians for your children and pets
  • Dependents in need of long-term care have continued financial support

What is Lasting Power of Attorney?

If you suffer an injury that damages your mental capacity, then a Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows your family the power to:

  • Make legal decisions on your behalf
  • Access bank accounts, whether solely or jointly owned
  • Pay bills and sell property
  • Make decisions regarding medical treatment and general welfare, such as living arrangements

Why choose My Law Matters?

Writing a will and arranging lasting power of attorney are crucial steps in planning for the future. A qualified and experienced solicitor will guide you through the process and check the will while always acting in the client’s best interests. Contact us today if you live in Waltham Cross and require advice on will writing or arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney document.