Expert advice on Trusts for individuals in Wolverhampton

If you aim to provide monetary assistance to vulnerable loved ones or dependents after your death or wish to mitigate the portion of your estate swallowed up by inheritance tax, speak to My Law Matters. We can advise on Trusts that can help conserve your investments and assets for future generations. We work closely with countless Wolverhampton clients to draw up bespoke trust deeds and management services.

Main types of Trusts

Trusts are an extensive and intricate aspect of the law, but people tend to devise a trust plan when making their will in most instances. The four standard types of Trusts we liaise with clients on are:

  • Life Interest Trusts
  • Property Trusts
  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts

The sort of trust you produce will rely on your financial and family situation. Still, the specialist team at My Law Matters has excellent insight into the workings of Trusts and the associated taxes to find the most suitable trust for you.

Why set up a Trust?

There are a few key benefits to setting up a Trust:

  • Safely handover assets to the beneficiaries
  • Fund education for your children and grandchildren
  • Provide financial aid for vulnerable loved ones
  • Provide financial support to children and partners from different relationships
  • Manage personal injury compensation
  • Diminish inheritance tax payments
  • Safeguard assets from creditors or divorcing partners.

Why choose My Law Matters?

Our solicitors appreciate the circumstances of each individual will be vastly different, so we continually engage with the clients closely to devise a tailored plan designed to fulfil your requirements. Contact our team today if you live in Wolverhampton and would like professional guidance on setting up a trust.