Reliable probate & estate administration in Urmston, Stretford and Sale

Shouldering the responsibility of funeral arrangements and dealing with estate administration while grieving the loss of a loved one can be draining, which is why many people choose to hire a solicitor. My Law Matters can help you with Probate and Administration Services to relieve the burden of executing the will of a family member or friend.

What is probate and estate administration?

If you are the stipulated administrator or executor of a will, you must follow the will’s instructions. To do this might require a grant of probate, also known as a grant of letters of administration, which assigns you administrative power of the estate.

Estate administration involves:

  • Inheritance tax
  • The distribution of assets to any beneficiaries
  • Ensuring the deceased’s legal and financial matters are orderly

How can My Law Matters help?

Executing a will can be complicated and arduous if there is a large estate and many beneficiaries, and mistakes can result in personal liability. Our expert and professional probate solicitor will be on hand to simplify the process and help with:

  • The application for grant of probate
  • Gathering the assets and dispensing the liabilities
  • Liaising with the beneficiaries and allocating the estate according to the will
  • Distribute the estate in line with UK intestacy laws if a will hasn’t been made
  • Evaluating and paying the estate’s tax liabilities such as income tax and capital gains tax

Why choose My Law Matters?

Our dedicated probate solicitors aim to simplify the process of executing a will. Their professional handling of the estate administration offers the reassurance you require at a challenging time. Contact us today if you live in Urmston, Stretford or Sale and require practical and expert legal advice for probate and estate administration matters.